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A true clashing of styles will happen on April 29th in Lakewood, Ohio at Mahalls as Felino de Rojo meets Clean of the Jollyville Jeepers. A first time meeting for the two will see high flying pizzazz again pure brute …

The grizzled vet meets the high flying feline! ‘Old Timer’ Jeff King returns to the Olde Wrestling world to do better with a familiar opponent in Louis Lyndon. A clashing of styles to say the least, but these two are …

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• World Champion of Professional Wrestling Matthew Cross
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Everyone’s favorite amigo from El Paso, Gregory Iron rides into the squared circle on August 30th! After a pummeling from the Legislators at the Spectacular, what’s in store for Iron at Yet Another Extravaganza?


Felino de Rojo has tough competition ahead in the snake oil specialist, Dr. Jake Omen. These two competitors define versatility in the squared circle, so strap in for a rather combustible contest. Can the highflying feline level the slimy tactics …