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The 6th Extravaganza on Sunday, August 26th

The grizzled vet meets the high flying feline! ‘Old Timer’ Jeff King returns to the Olde Wrestling world to do better with a familiar opponent in Louis Lyndon. A clashing of styles to say the least, but these two are …


You heard right folks! Advance tickets are available for our Speakeasy Spectacular on May 8th! Just head on down to Madison Avenue in Lakewood and stop in the Lucha Libre themed Taqueria.

Established by renowned chef, Eric Williams, El Carnicero …

louis lyndon

Louis Lyndon will once again reprise his luchador role as ‘Felino de Hierro.’ After being ruthlessly unmasked at the Extravaganza, Lyndon is determined to restore honor to the luchador culture he respects.

louis lyndon