Speakeasy Spectacular ’15 DVD on Sale

Purchase your copy today through our ONLINE STORE. The DVD will only cost you a sawbuck ($10) and features: • World Champion of Professional Wrestling Matthew Cross • The DEBUT of the Bearded Lady • Snake Oil trickery • Jock Samson's unfortunate arrest • The Texas tandem of Greg Iron and Dustin Lillard • Guy Jennings and Nicholas Valentinos athletic feats • The alliance of Billy Scarlet and Baron Doroshov • Marion Fontaine's antics • Louis Lyndon's high-flying, death-defying offense • AND the unrelenting wrath of the Lobbying Legislators of an Anti-Saloon Land!Read more

Another Extravaganza was a sizzling spectacle!

Howdy do! What a fantastic Extravaganza we had in aught '14! The legislators confiscated the moonshiners hooch, we learned there are TWO World Champions, AND who can forget the shaving of Mr. Madrox's mustache?! We want to make sure all you rooters are up to date on the latest happenings in the world of old fashioned wrestling. We currently have both shows from 2014 available to purchase: To order ANOTHER EXTRAVAGANZA on DVD (featuring artwork from Box Brown) you can ORDER HERE. To order the SPEAKEASY SPECTACULAR, you can ORDER HERE. Or download/stream…Read more
Purchase the Extravaganza!

Purchase the Extravaganza!

The DVD and photo booklet of 'An Extravaganza of Wrestling Exhibitions' is now available online for purchase! Please visit wildmethod.storenvy.com to grab a copy toot sweet!Read more
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