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Here’s the latest edition of Olde Wrestling’s Grapplereel News with Johnny Orlando. We learn just why Judge Hugo Lexington Black is wheelchair bound (is he ducking the first ever caged match??) AND what has become of the last moonshiner in …


Two VERY IMPORTANT questions, that must be answered. Well…you’re in luck because on MONDAY, April 11th we’ll release a new edition of Grapplereel News for all you rasslin’ rooters. Be sure to keep your ear to the ground and eyes …


This is it folks. The WORLD CHAMPION, Matthew Cross defends his title against a name Olde Wrestling fans are quite familiar with, but haven’t heard in over a year. ‘The Butcher’ Jeremy Madrox makes his return on Friday, April 29th! …

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Judge Hugo Lexington Black will be at Yet Another Extravaganza! to hand out the sentencing of the Moonshinin’ Men. With him will be the two most notorious prohibition agents; Agent Dick J. Lahart and Agent Eric Ness.