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Robert Evans and Louis Lyndon


The “Imperial’ Robert Evans considers himself a renaissance man, with accomplished big-game hunter as one of his highest marks. Enter the luchador alter-ego of Louis Lyndon; Felino de Rojo. Finally finding the proper identity for this feline may have been …

Robert Evans and Sheik Assad

Robert Evans and Sheik Assad

Can it be?? TWO World Champions of Professional Wrestling?? How did this come about? Where did Sheik Assad come from? What happened to Matt Cross?? So many questions need to be answered and you’ll find out when you watch ‘Another …

BREAKING NEWS! We’ve just been sent word (via electric telegraph) that World Champion of Professional Wrestling, Matthew Cross has recently run into trouble from a recent stop in Burma.

After defeating Stanislaus Zbyszko 2-0, Cross has been met with resistance …

Robert Evans vs Louis Lyndon - Another Extravaganza of Wrestling Exhibitions
World Title - Another Extravaganza of Wrestling Exhibitions

Matthew Cross and Robert Evans met in the squared circle on September 29th for the World Championship of Professional Wrestling. Witness a sneak peek into the action of their match with this ENORMOUS wind-up!

The Motion Picture will be released …