FULL MATCH: Matthew Cross vs Kaden Assad

Champion vs. Champion. Everything is on the line when Matthew Cross meets Kaden Assad. If you think you've seen it all, guess again, because former President and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, William Howard Taft makes his presence known. You can stream and/or download the entire show from: Smart Mark Video http://smartmarkvideo.com/digital-media/olde-wrestling https://smvod.com/categories/olde-wrestling And remember, our 5th Extravaganza is happening Sunday, August 27th in Norwalk, Ohio. Get all the event information HERE.Read more
World Champion runs into trouble in Burma!

World Champion runs into trouble in Burma!

BREAKING NEWS! We've just been sent word (via electric telegraph) that World Champion of Professional Wrestling, Matthew Cross has recently run into trouble from a recent stop in Burma. After defeating Stanislaus Zbyszko 2-0, Cross has been met with resistance while trying to leave the country! We all know that Burma is under British Raj rule, which is quite suspicious given the 'Imperial' Robert Evans authority in the company. Could Mr. Evans be the one who made the order that's kept the World Champion trapped in British India?Read more

Sneak Peek: Matthew Cross vs. Robert Evans

Matthew Cross and Robert Evans met in the squared circle on September 29th for the World Championship of Professional Wrestling. Witness a sneak peek into the action of their match with this ENORMOUS wind-up! The Motion Picture will be released on 12/3/13 To purchase the event on DVD: https://www.oldewrestling.com/movie For more information on An Extravaganza of Wrestling Exhibitions, please visit: https://www.oldewrestling.com http://www.facebook.com/oldewrestling http://www.twitter.com/oldewrestlingRead more