Speakeasy Spectacular ’15 only $10!

Have you heard the good word? The '15 Speakeasy Spectacular is now on a film reel for your home consumption. You heard that right partner; you can now own the night that the infamous BEARDED LADY Mary Elizabeth Monroe debuted and teamed up with Matthew Cross! Not to mention Jock Samson, The Lobbying Legislators, Gregory Iron, Felino de Rojo, Judge Hugo, Marion Fontaine and much more... Purchase your copy this instant! Copies are just $10! Only a sawbuck gets you what we believe is our best show to date. Snag a copy at…Read more

Speakeasy Spectacular ’15 DVD on Sale

Purchase your copy today through our ONLINE STORE. The DVD will only cost you a sawbuck ($10) and features: • World Champion of Professional Wrestling Matthew Cross • The DEBUT of the Bearded Lady • Snake Oil trickery • Jock Samson's unfortunate arrest • The Texas tandem of Greg Iron and Dustin Lillard • Guy Jennings and Nicholas Valentinos athletic feats • The alliance of Billy Scarlet and Baron Doroshov • Marion Fontaine's antics • Louis Lyndon's high-flying, death-defying offense • AND the unrelenting wrath of the Lobbying Legislators of an Anti-Saloon Land!Read more
The debut of the Bearded Lady

The debut of the Bearded Lady

That's right! You don't need to clean your ears nor rub your eyes. We said it...the bearded lady finally makes her debut. Mary Elizabeth Monroe will appear for the first time at Olde Wrestling as the whiskered women, the bristled broad, the beautiful but brutal bearded lady! What exactly are Ms. Monroe's intentions? That we're not quite sure yet, but we do know that she'll be at Mahall's on May 8th in the fuzz and flesh.Read more