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First match announced! The gentlemanly grappler and bare knuckle pugilist, Marion Fontaine goes toe-to-toe with Judge Hugo Lexington Black. A most anticipated match indeed, but one has to wonder if the Judge is ready for competition after suffering a incredible …


Internationally renowned professional wrestling veteran and good ol’ southern boy, the one, the only Tracy Smothers enters the world of Olde Wrestling. Just wait until we tell you what he has in store on August 30th at Yet Another Extravaganza!


The moonshiners have all been detained and awaiting sentencing on August 30th. Do the Legislators of an Anti-Saloon Land have their sights on any other members of the Olde Wrestling roster? Only time will tell.


Speakeasy Spectacular

You heard right!

Olde Wrestling is making its RETURN to Mahall’s for a night of rough n’ tumble, elbow smashin’, hip tossin’, rip roarin, slam bang style of wrestling!

We’re taking Mahall’s back to roaring’ 20s and strongly encourage everyone …

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