TALENT: Marion Fontaine

Marion Fontaine is above all else, known for his familiar mustache. Wearing the lip sweater for a majority of his career, Fontaine is known as a showman in the ring while establishing himself as a familiar name in the midwest independent wrestling scene.Read more

TALENT: Matthew Cross

An internationally traveled wrestler, Matthew Cross brings his innovation, aerial tactics, and incredibly gigantic beard to the Extravaganza! Featured in nearly every major independent promotion you can imagine, Cross is one of the most well known names; for good reason.Read more


In complete honesty, if you don't think that Louis Lyndon is one of the top talents in independent pro wrestling, then you just haven't seen enough of his ring work. Happy to announce that Louis will be competing at the Extravaganza! The following video showcases "The Master of the Snake Style" and his unique offense in some career defining moments.Read more


Arguably the toughest lady wrestler today, Thunderkitty should fit right in at the Extravaganza! Just take look at some of her accolades: Crowned "Ms. Hasbrowns" 2009 at the Wyoming state fair Ladies champion of lady midget-tossing in Ohio at 11 feet and 3 inches Winner of the 1987 Demolition Derby showcase at the Arkansas State Fair.Read more

TALENT ANNOUNCEMENT: “The Butcher” Jeremy Madrox

The Butcher is a stable on the Ohio independent wrestling scene. An accomplished, yet ruthless character, Madrox has had multiple title reigns in some of the most well known promotions in Ohio (PRIME, OCW and WAR). No frills, strike first, win at all costs is the mentality of Mr. Madrox as you will see in the following video:Read more