TALENT: Jock Samson

Jock Samson likes two things: drinking and fighting. With any luck, fans at the Extravaganza! will be able see the rugged redneck, big bootleggin', son of a gun that is Samson both those things. Jock's loud, in your face, and never backing down from a fight.Read more

TALENT: Jervis Cottonbelly

Jervis Cottonbelly without question is the most well known gentleman in professional wrestling. A consummate professional and enchanting chap, Mr. Cottonbelly takes pride in the sportsmanship he displays inside the squared circle. The Extravaganza will certainly have it's fair share of gentlemania!Read more

TALENT: Gregory Iron

It's easy to suggest that the deck's been stacked against Greg Iron. The odds were never in his favor, but Mr. Iron had the will to pursue his dreams to become a professional wrestler, develop his skills, and be looked as a hero to his fans.Read more

TALENT: Kaden Assad

The Shiek, Kaden Assad is a relentless human being in and out of the ring. Sadistic, unforgiving, and brutal are just a few words to describe the Sheik's demeanor. Assad has waged some serious wars in his time. Only time will tell for his plans at the Extravaganza!Read more

TALENT: ‘Burly’ Bill Taylor

Burly roughneck indeed! Bill Taylor's been laying low in the wrestling scene lately. Spending most of his time roughing up out-of-line patrons at nearby speakeasys, Bill has decided to climb into the ring once more to rough up what he deems 'those squirts in the squared circle.'Read more