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You heard right! Jeremy Madrox is mustacheless! We didn’t want to reveal too much, but we will say the live audience got a wrestling show AND an encore facial hair trimming at no extra charge. We weren’t kidding when we …


Could the Jollyville Jeepers complete the the most unbelievable feat of strength known in the North Hemisphere??

‘Another Extravaganza’ will be available on DVD to order on 11/24/14. Please visit oldewrestling.com/store to purchase this hotsy-totsy, bodyslammin’, hiptossin’, forearm smashin’, old …


Just when the Fabulous Blonde Brothers thought they’d be outnumbered, they’re one and only sister, Randi Blonde came to the rescue in a very rare mixed tag team wrestling contest.

‘Another Extravaganza’ will be available on DVD to order on …

Legislators got the hooch!

Legislators got the hooch!

The Legislators are rejoicing! Now that the hooch is confiscated from Chuck Taylor and Jock Samson, it’s expected the Lobbying Legislators of an Anti-Saloon Land will issue a warrant for the arrest of both Appalachians.

‘Another Extravaganza’ will be available …