The Interrogation of Chuck Taylor

Chuck Taylor is the last moonshiner left in captivity. Confined in an undisclosed location, the feds have tried breaking the Appalachian Moonshiner in order to get any info on being challenged to the first ever caged match. Will Chuck talk? Will his fellow moonshiners rescue him? Only time will tell. So stayed tuned to the world of Olde Wrestling.Read more

WATCH! Grapplereel News

Here's the latest edition of Olde Wrestling's Grapplereel News with Johnny Orlando. We learn just why Judge Hugo Lexington Black is wheelchair bound (is he ducking the first ever caged match??) AND what has become of the last moonshiner in captivity...Chuck Taylor! Don't forget, Olde Wrestling returns to Mahall's on Friday, April 29th, '16 for a Speakeasy Spectacular. More information on the event and more HERE.Read more