Speakeasy Spectacular returns to Mahall’s on 4/29

Speakeasy Spectacular returns to Mahall’s on 4/29

You heard that right folks! Gents, gals and all the grappling fans in between are invited to our return to Mahall's 20 Lanes for our Speakeasy Spectacular! Witness jaw dropping, piller to post, rough n' tumble vintage wrestling! You'll see a whole heap of your favorites, including: WORLD CHAMPION Matthew Cross, The Bearded Lady, Heidi the Riveter, Marion Fontaine, Gregory Iron, Judge Hugo, Jock Samson and more! And it wouldn't be a Speakeasy Spectacular without our hosts for the evening, Pinch and Squeal! We've got action! vaudeville! and a whole lot of hooch!…Read more

FREE MATCH – Darin Corbin vs. Nicholas Valentino

From our first Speakeasy Spectacular in historic Mahall's 20 Lanes, the debuting Darin Corbin, without question the greatest salesman this century, goes one on one with the grifting grappler, Nicholas Valentino. You can purchase the entire event for only $10 at www.oldewrestling.com/store For more information, visit: www.facebook.com/oldewrestling www.twitter.com/oldewrestlingRead more

Speakeasy Spectacular ’15 only $10!

Have you heard the good word? The '15 Speakeasy Spectacular is now on a film reel for your home consumption. You heard that right partner; you can now own the night that the infamous BEARDED LADY Mary Elizabeth Monroe debuted and teamed up with Matthew Cross! Not to mention Jock Samson, The Lobbying Legislators, Gregory Iron, Felino de Rojo, Judge Hugo, Marion Fontaine and much more... Purchase your copy this instant! Copies are just $10! Only a sawbuck gets you what we believe is our best show to date. Snag a copy at…Read more