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One, if not the most intriguing lady wrestlers competing this day and age, Thunderkitty has the ring knowledge and presence that you dream about. Hold the phone Jack-o! Now’s not the time for day dreaming, because Thunderkitty means business. If …

heidi lovelace

Ms. Lovelace is one tough lady. She can go toe-to-toe with female OR male! Be prepared to be wowed by her skills, her looks, and enthusiastic demeanor.

heidi lovelace

Nicolas Valentino had $1,000 on line and challenged crowd members, wrestlers, members of the band, but his biggest challenge came from the lady wrestler Thunderkitty!

Would Thunderkitty win the prize? Or fall victim to Valentino?

The Motion Picture will be …

Arguably the toughest lady wrestler today, Thunderkitty should fit right in at the Extravaganza! Just take look at some of her accolades:
Crowned “Ms. Hasbrowns” 2009 at the Wyoming state fair
Ladies champion of lady midget-tossing in Ohio at 11