Chuck Taylor has Escaped from Jail!

Chuck Taylor has escaped! We repeat, Chuck Taylor is on the run and headed straight for Olde Wrestling's Extravaganza! Chuck is aiming to even the odds in the FIRST EVER caged match in wrestling history as his bootlegging crew find themselves against the Lobbying Legislators of an Anti-Saloon. It's winner take all. Prohibition ends or the moonshiners go to jail for ever! Prohibition vs Incarceration on Sunday, August 28th in Norwalk, OH For event information: more

The Battle of Boooze! Chapter 1

A Battle of honor, a battle of civility, a Tune..Grapplereel presents the Battle of Boooooze! Chapter 1 kickstarts the story of Moonshiners vs Politicians over Prohibition in the great US of A. Chuck Taylor and Jock Samson, the Moonshinin' Men of Appalachian gave the Lobbying Legislators of an Anti-Saloon Land a gift that got them all wet! Tune in next week as we continue our series on…the BATTLE of BOOOOOZE. Follow along as we lead up to the FIRST EVER CAGED MATCH in the HISTORY of professional wrestling. Prohibition vs. Incarceration on Sunday,…Read more

The Interrogation of Chuck Taylor

Chuck Taylor is the last moonshiner left in captivity. Confined in an undisclosed location, the feds have tried breaking the Appalachian Moonshiner in order to get any info on being challenged to the first ever caged match. Will Chuck talk? Will his fellow moonshiners rescue him? Only time will tell. So stayed tuned to the world of Olde Wrestling.Read more
The Legislators got the Hooch!

The Legislators got the Hooch!

The Legislators are rejoicing! Now that the hooch is confiscated from Chuck Taylor and Jock Samson, it's expected the Lobbying Legislators of an Anti-Saloon Land will issue a warrant for the arrest of both Appalachians. 'Another Extravaganza' will be available on DVD to order on 11/24/14. Please visit to purchase this hotsy-totsy, bodyslammin', hiptossin’, forearm smashin’, old fashioned, rambunctious romp when it becomes available.Read more

Another Extravaganza DVD orders begin 11/24!

On September 28th, '14, Olde Wrestling returned with Another Extravaganza of Wrestling Exhibitions! Between a lion tamer, weightlifting, pie fight, battle royal, championship bout, and a mustache shaving this event had all that and a bag of chips! Fun for the entire family to enjoy the event features a myriad of popular independent professional wrestlers from around North America. Feast your peepers on the kind of old fashioned wrestling that's really HOT to TROT! 'Peachy Keen' Packages are available to order starting 11/24/14 and will include a 2-disc DVD along with many more…Read more
Photos from Another Extravaganza!

Photos from Another Extravaganza!

As we finish in the editing room floor, we'd like to give you a glimpse of some of the fantastic photographs Zia Hiltey from Another Extravaganza of Wrestling Exhibitions. There's a variety of shots she's captured, but be sure to check out the full set HERE.Read more
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