A Battle of honor, a battle of civility, a Tune..Grapplereel presents the Battle of Boooooze!

Chapter 1 kickstarts the story of Moonshiners vs Politicians over Prohibition in the great US of A. Chuck Taylor and Jock Samson, the Moonshinin’ Men of Appalachian gave the Lobbying Legislators of an Anti-Saloon Land a gift that got them all wet!

Tune in next week as we continue our series on…the BATTLE of BOOOOOZE. Follow along as we lead up to the FIRST EVER CAGED MATCH in the HISTORY of professional wrestling. Prohibition vs. Incarceration on Sunday, August 28th in Norwalk, Ohio for Olde Wrestling’s ‘And Yet Another Extravaganza of Wrestling Exhibitions!’

For all information on this year’s Extravaganza, visit HERE.