Speakeasy Spectacular

You heard right!

Olde Wrestling is making its RETURN to Mahall’s for a night of rough n’ tumble, elbow smashin’, hip tossin’, rip roarin, slam bang style of wrestling!

We’re taking Mahall’s back to roaring’ 20s and strongly encourage everyone to join in the fun and dress in vintage apparel. Bring the feather boas and flapper dress. Bring the boater hats and a pair of high waisted slacks!

You’ll witness the world champion of wrestling, luchadors, bare knuckle brawlers, strongmen, grizzled vets, a lion tamer, and the long awaited debut of THE BEARDED LADY! As well as the dynamic vaudeville duo, Pinch and Squeal!​

Take heed! Make sure you aren’t informing ‘The Feds’ of our event.

CLICK HERE for Event Details.
Pre-sale tickets will be available at El Carnicero and our website soon!