First the arrest of every moonshiner in Olde Wrestling and NOW THIS?? Judge Hugo Lexington Black has taken down the most prominent speakeasy in Northern Ohio, The Volstead Bar!

On direct order from Representative Gavin Volstead, who thought the bar was a slight at his good name, ordered Judge Hugo and a few of his prohibition agents to raid the hidden speakeasy in downtown Sandusky.

On a Sunday early afternoon, the Judge busted in while a few familiar faces (Rory O’Henry McHenry, Mark Andrews, and Marion Fontaine) and left the establishment as dry and the wind out Kansas way. Will nothing stop this force of Anti-Saloon Legislators?? What’s to come of our beloved Moonshiners?? What will their sentence be, and for how long? The only way to find out is at ‘Yet Another Extravaganza!’ on Sunday, August 30th!