We recently sent out a post asking if any fans would be interested in writing about their experience at the Extravaganza. Luckily we’ve had some interest and the first submission came from Brad Borer:

I found out about the extravaganza on a poster at the Norwalk rec center and decided to take my three nephews who are big WWE/wrestling fans. I didn’t know what to expect and assumed it would be a typical fairgrounds wrestling production like you see older washed up WWF stars wrestling at. I also wasn’t sure if my nephews would be into it since wrestling is associated with all the big name WWE guys for them. Ill tell ya what as soon as I walked into the doors I knew we were in for something special. The amount of creativity and detail to the time period made it feel like walking back in time or being on a period piece movie set. It was unreal. I could go on forever about how cool it was for me as I am a big fan of that nostalgic era. My nephews loved every minute of it as well and remembered all the wrestlers names and all the action from the matches. After the last title fight I took the boys down to the ring to shake hands with Matt Cross and when I lifted my nephew up to high five Matt he said “let me bring him in the ring”. He snatched him out of my hands carried him into the ring and play wrestled around with him and then let him pin Robert Evans who was still laying out cold from the bout. That was an experience that will stay with my nephew forever. Matt Cross is an awesome dude and all my nephews remember you and wanna see you wrestle again.

This was one of the coolest things I have ever witnessed in Norwalk. It could’ve been just another fairgrounds wrestling show but you guys made it a experience and something special. I left feeling like I wanted to be a part of the Extravaganza in some way. Its great to see people taking a chance and doing cool stuff like this I really hope this takes off and you guys can tour it and make another stop in Norwalk again.