Supercop Dick Justice enters the Olde Wrestling world as Prohibition Agent Dick J. Lahart. (No need to wonder, the J, stands for Justice.)

In the midst of a nation wide ring of busts and raids by the Lobbying Legislators of an Anti-Saloon Land, Olde Wrestling’s beloved moonshiners have all been captured! HOWEVER, it appears things are just starting to sizzle as Agent Lahart receives pertinent information that will take him to Olde Wrestling’s ‘Yet Another Extravaganza of Wrestling Exhibitions’ on Sunday, August 30th.

Yet Another Extravaganza is presented by the Art of Manliness & Live Kayfabe
Sunday, August 30th
Huorn Co. Fairgrounds, Norwalk, Ohio
Online Tickets at: www.oldewrestling/tickets
Children 10 & under are admitted for free.

More information at the EVENTS PAGE.