When we say winner take all, you can bet your bottom dollar we mean it. Now, if you’re ready for a bit of a history lesson, then let us educate you on this match that will pit World Champion vs. ‘World’ Champion. Good vs. Evil. Matthew Cross vs. Kaden Assad.

At ‘An Extravaganza of Wrestling Exhibitions’ we saw the crowning of Matthew Cross as the World Champion of Professional Wrestling at the expense of his foe the ‘Imperial’ Robert Evans. A hard fought battle that included the foul play of Mr. Evans and the fortitude of the strongest man east of the Mississip’. Mr. Evans would not settle for the loss. He wanted to secure the title and it’s power in order to grow the strength of the British Raj into North America.

Next year, ‘Another Extravaganza of Wrestling Exhibitions’ should have featured Kaden Assad challenging Cross for the title, instead we were subject to Robert Evans claiming Assad’s rightful place as World’s Champion. Deeming Matthew Cross “too fearful to defend the title in parts of the world that Assad had reigned superior.” Where was Matthew Cross during this spectacle? Conveniently enough, Cross had gone missing in Burma. Burma, a country still under British Raj, kept Cross well past the time to return to the states to defend the title. A pretty suspicious coincidence if you ask us.

And now, at ‘Yet Another Extravaganza of Wrestling Exhibitions’ we will see Champion face Champion. A match in the making for quite some time. We have heard no word from the ‘Imperial’ Robert Evans. He was last known traveling through Africa near the Nandi Hills in Kenya. With Evans out of the picture, can we assume a fair contest to see who truly is the TRUE World Champion of Professional Wrestling? Find out on Sunday, August 30th at ‘Yet Another Extravaganza!’