The Peachy Keen Package has arrived! ORDER HERE because it will only be available to order until Monday, December 2nd. This year’s package includes:

WHODUNIT? The first ever Olde Wrestling board game! Inspired by the classic CLUE murder mystery, WHODUNIT? follows the story of Inky Scoops and his missing $25,000. You are tasked with finding out which wrestler stole the money, what weapon did they use to scare Inky and in what part of the barn did it occur?

Plus, own every Olde Wrestling show in ’19 on DVD. You’ll get 4 shows in total that include:

• Olde Wrestling’s Detroit Debut (Matt Cross, RJ Metropolis, Gregory Iron, Jody Threat, Danhausen & more)

• Olde Wrestling in Willard (Marion Fontaine, Allie Kat, Dr. Jacob Omen, Ricky Ponzi & more)

• Olde Wrestling’s Extravaganza (Matt Cross, Judge Hugo, Kickin Kimber Lee, Cymbal Monkey, Sue Jackson, Boomer Hatfield, Agent Dick J. Lahart & more)

• Olde Wrestling in Muncie (Judge Hugo, Felino Blanco, Will Wrestle, Gregory Iron, Thunderkitty, Marion Fontaine & more)


**ITEMS WILL SHIP 12/16** This item is a pre-order only available until Monday, December 2nd. After the 2nd, all orders will be sent to production and shipped.