Our talented radio host, ‘Tootin’ Tommy Mcernery guides you through the Gordon & Dilworth Real Orange Marmalade Rambunctious Olde Wrestling Radio Show!

‘Tootin’ Tommy not only gets exclusive interviews with a number of grapplers, but spins a handful of swell songs and toe tapping tunes!

In preparation for Another Extravaganza, there are numerous questions still left unanswered!
• Will the Legislators of an Anti-Saloon Land finally capture the Moonshiners?
• Is referee Billy Scarlett being held under investigation?
• Will Robert Evans gain revenge against Matthew Cross?
• Jeremy Madrox has the ultimate challenge, but for who?
• How many reps can the Jollyville Jeepers really do?
• Just where has Matthew Cross defended the World Championship of Professional Wrestling?

Find out all these questions, and learn more about the developing stories the surround the world of Olde Wrestling!


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