Huzzah! The 5th Extravaganza of Exhibitions may have just been our best event to dat. Witness all the action in the comfort of your own parlor. Now own a copy for only $12. PURCHASE TODAY.

World Championship of Professional Wrestling | 2 of 3 Falls
Matthew Cross (c) vs. Judge Hugo Lexington Black

Cymbal Monkey & Organ Grinder Colin vs. The Jollyville Jeepers

Gregory Iron vs. Agent Dick J. Lahart

Jock Samson & ‘Burly’ Bill Taylor vs. Bruno ‘Baby Face’ Moretti & Little Guido

8-Man Brouhaha
Felino Blanco, Marion Fontaine, Inky Scoops & President Taft vs. Lobbying Legislators, Frisco & ‘Big’ Sue Jackson

Gentleman Jervis vs. ‘Old Timer’ Jeff King

And the Debut of Typhoid Mary